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Engineering Specialties Service, E.S.S., is a High Frequency, Engineering, Design and Test company that provides independent, high quality, technical services to the Microwave Industry...   


Our goal is to ensure our customers receive professional, prompt and complete engineering services as you demand to get from within your company.


Our offices and test facility include over 3000 square feet of engineering design space with hundreds of specialty test fixtures, components, and setups to facilitate your testing needs.  We have a full complement of general lab and microwave test equipment to evaluate products from DC to over 40 GHz. Supported by a  prototype shop, and high frequency software ESS offers complete high frequency design, test and engineering solutions.


We integrate our high frequency engineering experience, small company atmosphere, testing capabilities and facilities with your products and experience.  This allows our partnership to work together, integrating technologies, labor and equipment, in the most efficient manner. 


Richard J. Pavadore,

owner/engineer, ESS.


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Design and Test Services


  • High Frequency Consulting on Passive components
  • Production Testing
  • Qualification Testing
  • Over 30 years working with waveguide, coax, stripline and microstrip components and circuit design.
  • Ceramic Strip component design. (Attenuators, resistors, equalizers, couplers)
  • Microwave Absorbers, attenuators, loads, etc.
  • Couplers, dividers, combiners
  • Rotary Joints, and Ferrite Devices
  • Test Fixture Design and Fabrication
  • High Power Design and Testing
  • Multipaction Testing and Analysis
  • Circuit Design
  • Materials testing and  Analysis for Dielectric properties..
  • Rf Leakage Measurements per MIL-PRF-39012
  • Failure Analysis and Evaluation
  • Hi-Pot, High Current tests, Corona, Voltage breakdown, thermal protectionů

Analysis and Software

  • High Frequency Analysis and Modeling.
  • High Power Analysis.
  • Smith Chart Analysis.
  • Transmission Line Models.
  • Multipaction theoretical Analysis
  • Mathematical and CAD Support
  • VSWR matching and component design.
  • Test Procedures and Reports