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 All Products shown here are Designed by E.S.S.

4-1/16 EIA Calibration Kit.



Shown to the left is a 4-1/16 EIA calibration kit including, 2 adapters to type N female, 2 fixed loads, offset short and offset open circuits.  The kit also comes with 4 bullets, and a 3-1/2" floppy disc with calibration coefficients for use in HP/Agilent 872X series VNA.

Non Electrically conductive Heat Sinks.

Used to remove heat from conductive surfaces, with NO electrical conductivity. 

4 -6 Watts/m*K

High temperature operation up to 1000F

Ceramic based heat sink

We can cut grind to virtually any shape.

WR-90 to Type N female waveguide horn to Free Space.  20% bandwidth with a 1.25;1 VSWR.  These series of units include a Teflon Window to keep out dust and environmental contamination.