Capabilities / Equipment and Testing Services

All pertinent equipment located at E.S.S. is under current calibration standards.

Automatic Network Analysis using Vector and Scalar Analyzers.

We have the latest vector and scalar analyzers with Time Domain, capable of testing components for amplitude, phase, group delay, and design verification from DC up to GHz.  These systems are used for testing, analysis, design verification, and qualification testing for all types of active and passive components.  We measure all      S-parameters for VSWR, Insertion loss, Isolation and any other microwave test requirement.

Network Analyzer Equipment List:

Our analyzers provide data in email, excel and JPEG formats in addition to normal hard copy plots for ease of communication, graphical test reports, and further data/mathematical analysis using the tools of modern computers.

Spectrum  and Time Analysis:
We have time oscilloscopes, TDR (Time Domain reflectometers) and spectrum analyzers from 100 KHz to 22 GHz for single frequency and high dynamic range measurements.   We test components and frequency stability devices with this type of equipment. 

Spectrum Analyzer and Oscilloscope Equipment List:

Environmental Equipment: 

· High power testing.  We have high power sources and test capabilities both in and out of house.  This testing service provides our customers with high power verification and heating requirements.

· Temperature Chambers:  Our chambers used in conjunction with our test equipment, can verify components operate over temperature.  We provide the equipment, setup and test hardware.

· Model shop:  We have a small in-house model shop for fixture design, and component modifications.  Our shop is dedicated to engineering reworks or designs to expedite in house jobs.


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