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Microwave and High Frequency Design Services

Engineering and Production Testing

E.S.S. performs engineering evaluation, prototype design, failure analysis and full production testing using network and spectrum analysis techniques covering test frequencies from DC to over 40 GHz.   Our lab also includes general laboratory equipment such as oscilloscopes, function generators, and power meters to provide input and intermediate signal evaluation.   We design components in waveguide, ridgeguide, coaxial, stripline, microstrip, finline and most microwave transmission lines.  All of our pertinent measuring equipment maintains a current calibration system to NIST certifications.

High Power Design and Testing

E.S.S. performs high power and Multipaction testing. We have over 25 years experience in high power design and test setups involving microwave components.  We use our own sources or qualified outside vendors to supply the power source for each requirement.  In all cases we setup, test and provide procedures and reports to your specifications for high power testing.  We also provide detailed, theoretical high power analysis if a test is not financially possible.

Software Services

E.S.S. provides, Failure, High power, Multipaction and high frequency analysis on components and sub-assemblies.  The analysis is typically much less expensive than its equivalent test, and gives over a 90% probability result.
Our in-house software performs frequency analysis, S-parameter modeling, ferrite design, and transmission line frequency evaluation.  We can model your component, sub-assembly or test setup, enhancing the design before any costly manufacturing takes place.

Specialty Testing

Rf Leakage:
E.S.S. designed and built our own tri-axial Rf leakage cell for measuring Rf leakage of cables, connectors and associated interconnects.  Our equipment and test services are performed per Mil-PRF-39012 and is capable of measurements below –100 dbc.  We perform testing at our facility or yours depending on availability and testing requirements.  The leakage cell is 100 % portable.  It is designed for most types of coaxial cables, connectors and interfaces.  We also offer our leakage fixture for sale as a commercial item.  See our hot link for pictures and other information.   For other component leakage testing and specifications, we have a vast array of coaxial and waveguide“sniff” sensors and equipment.

Dielectric Constant Testing:
E.S.S. has measurement equipment and software to measure dielectric and magnetic properties of microwave materials.  The results offer material dielectric constant and loss tangent.  We utilize our proprietary high-Q cavities and related software, for high accuracy measurements in the S, X, Ku and Ka-band frequency ranges.  We also have a host of reflection/transmission fixtures to measure higher loss, less sensitive materials, where geometries are not conducive to the cavity measurement.  These methods offer lower accuracy results with the advantage of broadband testing.

Environmental Testing:
E.S.S. can evaluate your component or subassembly over many types of environmental conditions.  These include humidity, temperature, and pressure variations while monitoring electrical performance before, during or after the selected environment's).  Other testing includes mechanical stresses, such as shock, vibration and acceleration.

If there are any particular requirements or you would like further information on our company, please call.  We welcome you to stop by and see our facility located in East Bridgewater, Ma.

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